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best custom shoes in 2k20

best custom shoes in 2k20

best custom shoes in 2k20


100% Rayon. Imported. Model is 5'10", chest 33 B, waist 24", hips 35", wearing a size small.


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Cute cheap Black ribbed knit lettuce hem long sleeve fitted mock neck basic top-71314
Cute cheap Black ribbed knit lettuce hem long sleeve fitted mock neck basic top-71314
Cute cheap Black ribbed knit lettuce hem long sleeve fitted mock neck basic top-71314
Cute cheap Black ribbed knit lettuce hem long sleeve fitted mock neck basic top-71314
Cute cheap Black ribbed knit lettuce hem long sleeve fitted mock neck basic top-71314
Great fit for an outstanding price. :Lightweight fabric as I prefer for a t-shirt. Delivered in 2 days as promised.
The size isn't accurate. Order 2 sizes larger then you need
These were a gift I gave and they were perfect!
Absolutely adorable! Not too big not too small, very happy with my purchase
Great for Operation Christmas Child boxes
I liked these so much that I wore them out and am buying another set. The wearing out part is part of the reason I am not giving 5 stars. These are not particularly durable. Mine lasted about two years with fairly regular use until the stitching on at the cross in the back began to become undone. But for $20, I'm not complaining. They keep my pants up, will not be noticed even if you are only wearing a t-shirt over them, and the grips *never* failed me. I wear these mostly with jeans but have also used with docker-style pants. These a great for casual wear when you don't have to tuck in your shirt.

My only complaint is that my shoulders get sore easier with these than with my formal button suspenders that I wear with my suits. I think it is the elastic, but probably also because jeans are heavier than dress pants. Any suspender can cause sore shoulders, but I seem to only notice it with elastic suspenders. But you wouldn't be able to have the same under-garment comfort if you used clips to adjust. The velcro adjustment and elastic is what makes these so comfortable under the shirt.
I love this bag
Ordered pink. It's pretty. Have used as tote bag and backpack. Felt very secure in crowded markets with the zippers against my back. Happy with purchase.
The product looks genuine and I decided to keep it, but the item has previously been opened. It had finger prints all over the glass and the plastic sleeves were missing. The pouch that contained the leaflet and cleaning cloth was still intact. I wiped the paw prints off and checked the lenses for scratches but luckily they were still like new. Amazon clean up your act please.
I have a problem with stability and have been using the 'hospital' socks but they only can handle a few washings. These are perfect for me (or anyone) with a concern over slipping. They are comfortable and I feel secure using them. I recommend them. John Prescott
Great wallet, exceeded my expectations
Love it fits my 2 year old perfectly
I love it. The watch is a Christmas gift but I'm sure it will be a big hit.
Last several pairs of Levi's had a belt loop which came loose and left a hole in the jeans. It was clearly a manufacturer defect. Same belt loop on each pair. It looks like it got stitched in such a way that it torn the denim. I had this happen to three pairs which were ordered several years apart. It made me wonder if they are shipping us rejects. For $50 a pair these should be better quality.
While I dont enjoy wearing a face covering, and I am required to wear one for work, if I have to wear one, it would be this. It is much more comfortable and breathable than anything else Ive tried.
This is a great little watch for my 8-year old - he loves it. Not only does it look good, it has lots of useful functions including both digital and analogue clocks, an alarm, the date, a light, etc. The hands glow in the dark too. What's more, it's waterproof! He carelessly broke the screen on his last watch but I'm confident this one will be more robust.. Really good buy.
Great sunglasses. Fit great, good blockage... comfortable to wear for hours. On par w/ revo and oakleys I've woren before.
Bought them to add to our packs to give to the homeless. They were so well priced we were able to purchase more items for our necessity packs.
I like the jacket but am disappointed that the zipper is faulty. It comes undone at the bottom.
Great for a person who is loosing weight or an every day person.
Best wallet that I have ever purchased. I carry 3 cards on the slide out side and 4 cards on the other side and have never had any issues with stretching. Long lasting, I use this every day in my front pocket and have not noticed any wear in over 6 months of use. Great product!
Corner thread frayed on the first day.
flimsey - threw it in the garbage can
The shirt wouldn't stay. It's also probably because of the size/ cutting shirts and my pant. The belt keeps coming out of my pants.
I dont know if Calvin Klein changed manufacturing or whatever, but these arent the same fit, feel and quality they used to be. Certainly no longer worth the premium price. Sticking with Tommy Hilfiger from now on. Returned these.
Love this Jacket. I bought 3 of them for all the family to enjoy ! It fits perfectly. It is never too hot nor too cold in it. When it rains, rain beads up and dries very quickly. You cant go wrong with this jacket
The perfect size for shopping. I love all the little pockets
Soft and nice
I love Carhartt shirts, they fit good and are very durable. Been wearing them for years.
Love these! They are gorgeous and inexpensive! Perfect for summer hangouts!